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    Welcome to Little River HotGlass Studio

    Enrich your environment with exquisite craftsmanship!



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    Welcome to Little River HotGlass Studio

    Come explore the magic of the molten material!



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    Welcome to Little River HotGlass Studio

    Tempt yourself with alluring



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    Welcome to Little River HotGlass Studio

    Be daring and create your own unique collection!



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    Welcome to Little River HotGlass Studio

    Feast your eyes on bold color, pattern and texture!



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    Welcome to Little River HotGlass Studio

    Surround yourself with sensual



Bowls & Vases

Personalize your space with sophisticated beauty.



Color your world with accent pieces for home and garden.

Elegant Tableware

Elegant Tableware

Delight your senses and celebrate every day in style.

Perfume Bottles

Perfume Bottles

Set the mood with a romantic perfume bottle.

Sculpture & Paperweights

Sculpture & Paperweights

Express your sense of fun and imagination.




What’s Going on in the Studio

On July 18th, 2015 , Little River Hotglass will celebrate 20 years in Stowe!  It seems it was only yesterday that with our friends Mark Lewis and Julie Michels, Michael and I were bumping down the "401" from Toronto in 2 huge Ryder trucks filled with glass, studio tools, finished pieces, couches, chairs, books etc etc on our way to a new life, a new adventure in Stowe, Vermont.

In the shop we are usually asked "how/why did you come to Stowe?"

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