Opaque Ribbon Flat in Violet Celedon Flamingo
Opaque Ribbon Flat in Dark Pink Celadon Dark Violet Opaque Ribbon Flat in Lime Turquoise Yellow Opaque Ribbon Flat in Turquoise Dark Violet Lime Opaque Ribbon Flat in Vase Denim Flamingo Yellow Opaque Ribbon Flat in Steel Salmon Turquoise Opaque Ribbon Flat in Salmon Vanilla Pumpkin Mixed Ribbon Flat in Celedon Strawberry Flamingo Mixed Ribbon Flat in Turquoise Grape Celedon
Product Code: Opaque Flat Ribbon Vase
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Opaque Flat Ribbon Vase

Price: $605.00

A flattened vase with variable vertical bands of opaque color. Some of the newest pieces have one of the interior colors being transparent for additional contrast and vibrancy. Each is unique with the subtle blending of colors.

Height: 10.5"

Opaque Ribbon Colors

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