Vortex Helix Banded Pail in Lime Turquoise Cranberry with Lagoon
Optic Rib Helix Banded Pail in Florida with Cranberry Optic Rib Helix Banded Pail in Peacock with Topaz Vortex Helix Banded Pail in Spring with Lime
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Helix Banded Bowls

Price: $825.00

Two swirling ribbons of color spiraling up the form with a solid color band for contrast. The bands are available in Vortex, a swirl of color or Optic Rib, a swirl with darker lines and a saw tooth edge for added interest. The viewing angle will change the appearance of the piece as more or less of the solid color influences the swirl color. A little larger than most of the work they make great focal points in a room and are fully functional to hold flowers or fruit if you want.

Helix Banded Bowl Colors

Helix Banded Bowl Style

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