Optic Rib Flat in Small Boca with Topaz
Rainbow with Violet Optic Rib Flat in Green Envy with Bright Emerald Optic Rib Flat in Jewel with Lagoon Optic Rib Flat in Small Candy with Strawberry Optic Rib Flat in Violet Multi with Aquamarine Optic Rib Flat in Florida with Salmon Optic Rib Flat Small in Lime Turquoise Cranberry with Violet Optic Rib Flat in Cool Lime with Cerulean Optic Rib Flat in Ocean with Cerulean Violet Multi & Yellow with Aquamarine Violet Multi & Yellow with Lagoon Spring & Cranberry with Lime Jewel & Lagoon with Violet
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Optic Rib Flat

Price: $280.00

A Little River signature piece, this flattened vase is a narrow (front to back) and is appropriate for a shallow shelf or a window display. The visual overlap of color and pattern from each side is the result of the flattening process and produces a bold criss cross pattern. A single color collar finishes the neck. This vase is round in silhouette.

Small - Height 7.5"
Large - Height 10.5"

Optic Rib Flat Colors

Optic Rib Flat Sizes

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