A wide range of techniques and effects combined with a rainbow of color options result in bowls for every function and decor. To choose a bowl for display only, please consider color and environmental lighting. Transparent colors come alive with sunlight while opaque colors maintain vibrancy in the darkest of areas. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and is signed and dated.


Five out of six design series are available in both the bowl and vase forms:  the vortex, optic rib, double optic, ribbon and incalmo.

The vortex series is characterized by dynamic swirls of richly colored glass captured in layers of crystal. The hand made process elicits pattern variations ranging from a tight twist of color to a more painterly, watercolor effect.

The optic rib series is characterized by thick vertical ribs which are twisted to “pull” the colored chips into a swag pattern. Often referred to as “fish scale”, this pattern is dynamic and visually more complicated than the vortex.

The color palette offered is  available in both styles. A contrasting or complementary neck color offers a huge variety of choices and should be carefully considered as this color will greatly impact the overall feel of the piece. Be sure to browse through the portfolio section of this site to see how this effect takes place. Choose a base color mix then swap the neck color. Often it makes the piece look completely different.

The double optic series is a study in texture and color. Using optic rib molds, these pieces are created one a time producing an intricate web like pattern. A contrasting or complementary color wrap along the edge provides a subtle yet finished look.

The incalmo and ribbon series bowls and vases are the most complex pieces in our line requiring the effort of the gaffer and assistant.

The incalmo technique is of Italian origin whereby at least two hot open ended glass bubbles are fused together to form a single unit usually of different colors. Michael and Chris work together on these fusing three separate blown glass components. In an idiosyncratic variation of the technique, the bubble is cased with clear glass before being blown. All together, the color combinations and the flattened shape make these pieces unusually distinctive. Available tall or short, these vases and bowls can be decorative or functional.

The newest series, the Ribbon Series, has been likened to the effects created by the Aurora Borealis. Chunks of stacked color are heated and gathered over with clear glass before the entire shape is picked up on its side axis. During the heating, shaping and blowing portions of the process, the colors melt together and overlap producing beautiful patterns and often interesting chemical reactions resulting in transition lines. The transparent color pieces are best viewed with light behind such that it can travel through the piece. The opaque colors work well in any lighting although their effect is not quite as dramatic and changeable.