There is a certain charm to the word "paperweight" which harkens back to the days of desks filled with paper and perhaps a silver framed photo or two.  Prized for centuries as a collectible, today these paperweights look just as modern as a decorative accent beside a laptop or on a side table.  All three series take advantage of the gorgeous optical properties inherent in the glass medium.



The Bubble Weights are a fascinating study of the optical illusions created by a significant difference in the wall thickness similar to the magnifying effects of a lens. The trapped air bubbles and hollow colored interior bubble enhance and highlight this alluring curiosity.

The Helix Weights capture the dynamic nature of ribbons of colored chips of glass spiraling around a clear handblown central bubble. Variations on the surface texture achieved by the addition of a facet or by frosting offer three distinct visual experiences. The clear facet magnifies the effects of the spiral and makes it appear as if there are two pieces in one. The frosted surface with facet draws the eye into the piece making the interior the focal point.

The Optic Rib Weights are the most visually complex of our paperweights. Surface color, patterning and texture are reflected onto the interior clear bubble producing a spectacular kaleidoscope.

From clean and spare to patterned and textured, our handblown glass paperweights are as popular with those wanting a visually interesting objet d’art as with an experienced collector.