Your perfume is a reflection of you, shouldn't your bottle be too? Little River perfume bottles range from the seductively feminine to straightforward simplicity and are characterized by an elegant flared lip. Choose your favorite color in a style which suits your personality. (All styles are available in all colors) Each stoppper is carefully selected to match the bottle then hand finished to form a seal before being signed and dated. Please note that all perfume bottles are substantial in size and weight. 5 - 9.5 inches tall.


In the beginning, there was the perfume bottle. While Michael was still working his way through Sheridan College, he needed to give a gift to a cousin. He created a perfume bottle that was so well received that he continued to design a full line of styles and started selling them to local galleries. Whether shaped solely by hand or in combination with optic molds, each bottle is defined by one particular feature: an elegant turned lip. The Grande Dame "Winged" bottle captures the fluid nature of molten glass coaxed by hand. Using the flattened shape as the starting point, the piece is side dipped twice in the furnace and manipulated into a pair of voluptuous wings. Other bottles take advantage of optic molds to create textural ribs enhancing the gorgeous, optical qualities of glass. Faceting and sandblasting provide variations  while adding complexity to a simple form. Each stopper is created to match its bottle and is hand ground to form a seal so that it may be used. Decorative or functional, these perfume bottles are tabletop jewels.