Fun, playful and larger than life!


Our collection of creative, colorful “toys as sculpture” adds a whimsical and non functional touch to our production work of utilitarian vessels. Leave your seriousness at the door and indulge in some childhood memories; our giant jacks are certain to bring a smile to that summer camp jack champion. And that velvet bag of small marbles (yes, we are dating ourselves) has been updated with a colored marble which sits on a pretty hand formed dish for spinning . A perfect stress reliever, simply spin the marble and watch as its intricate pattern is revealed.

Love golf? Place that golf trophy on your desk in memory of that once in a lifetime Hole-in-One or simply a reminder to book that next trip to the links.

We include other pieces in the sculpture category: seasonal pumpkins to adorn the holiday table and lively flames to commemorate life’s events. Our lidded urns provide a one of a kind, resting place for the ashes of loved ones; so much nicer than being scattered to the wind.

Our penultimate sculpture to date: "Chess To Impress" is not only a one of a kind showpiece, it  can actually be played. It is a giant 5 feet square with 32 individually handblown glass pieces set on a board of Vermont maple and leather tiles. Inspired by the book "The Eight", we cannot promise that it possesses magical properties but simply that it looks absolutely magical. The colors were very specifically chosen so that each player would know which pieces were his and that the set could be played. Because life isn't just black and white.