Why drink from a boring, generic, mold blown glass when you can EXPERIENCE a beverage with our freeblown, handmade goblets and tumblers? Not only will they make any beverage more pleasant, they will enhance the beauty of your table setting. Add a pair of of our handbuilt candlesticks and the look is complete.


What makes our drink ware different from the rest?

All of our drink ware is made entirely by hand without the use of blowing molds. Very few production studios create completely free blown stemware anymore as it requires particular skill and is quite time consuming.

Blowing molds, usually made from fruit wood are carved into the shape and size of the desired product. Glass is gathered from the furnace and blown into these molds. Once the piece is removed, it may yield the final product or it may be added onto by applying hot "bits" such as an avolio or a merese, the stem and finally a foot. The purpose of a blowing mold is to achieve a consistent size and shape of the bowl (or the finished piece) within a minimum amount of time.

At Little River Hotglass Studio we free blow the bubble and then hand build the piece by continually applying hot "bits" of glass one at a time. Calipers are used to measure the piece throughout the process to obtain the desired size. Once complete, the stem is then transferred to a punty in order to open the bowl. Once again, calipers are used to make the final measurements of the bowl. Striations in the bowl are a result of tool marks and are indicative of the hand opening process. Once finished, the piece is placed in the lehr to cool. As a result, each object is made sight unseen to the next. Therefore we accept a tolerance difference is 1/8 inch.

Tumblers and decanters are also completely free blown offering the advantage of customization. As we are not limited by the size and shapes of molds, we are happy to offer variety within the decorative pattern options.